Using old alphabet stickers for fresh titles

At one point in my scrapbooking adventure I had a severe addiction to Thickers and alphabet stickers. I purged a 3 foot stack last year but there were a few I had yet to part with. This is a quick way to use those old letter stickers to make a fresh new title.

First Day of School Layout

The letters act as stencils that you can paint or ink over. It doesn’t matter if they match your page, or even each other, since you are pulling them off the page in the end.

To remove most of the sticky, I put my stickers onto my pants and leave them there for a few minutes, then peel up and put them on the page. The fibers from your pants decrease the stickiness so they can be easily peeled off your page.

Using Old Stickers to Make a Fresh Title

For the title on this page I used watercolors and painted over the letters. While it was still wet, I peeled up the letters. Before peeling, you can also trace around the letters with pen to define them a bit more.

Easy Peasy!



Vintage Camera Cut Files

Vintage Camera Cut Files

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