Snowflake Ornament Gift Tags

My mind is always in paper craft mode! Any store holds potential craft items and it’s like it’s my mission to find them.

I was tempted by these glittery snowflake ornaments I spotted at the dollar store. They seemed like such a great base for something so I grabbed a few packages and brought them home. It’s still 5 weeks away from Christmas and I haven’t yet had a chance to build my Christmas craft hoard yet this year, so I pulled out a few of last years remnants and anything red or silver I could find.

Snowflake Christmas Ornament Gift Tags

After I’d gathered my supplies I set to work layering and gluing bits and pieces onto the snowflakes. I used a hot glue gun so everything would be nice and secure.

Snowflake Christmas Ornament Gift Tags

I love the look of scraps of this and that all layered together. Wilna Furstenburg is the queen of this style! Sometimes I have it in me and I can just slap things down into perfect stylistic harmony. The night I made these, I was on a roll. But there have been other times when I try 357 different combinations and then just give up. Those nights happen to me a lot and it’s super frustrating.

Snowflake Christmas Ornament Gift Tags

I’ve decided that to get this style you either need to just start gluing things down without overthinking it, or you need a pre-made plan. If you try and think about it in the moment it just won’t end well :)

Snowflake Christmas Ornament Gift Tags

So for those nights when you need a plan (and for my future lack of design mojo) I made up a few sketches that you can follow along with to get that hey I didn’t really plan this out, magic just happened look.

Snowflake Gift Tags Sketch

I love how these turned out. Right now they are hanging on a small tree I have set up, but I’m planning to tie them onto gifts as Christmas gift tags.

Does the layered look come easy to you?



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2 Comments on Snowflake Christmas Ornament Gift Tags

  1. heather getson
    November 1, 2016 at 8:55 am (1 year ago)

    Gorgeous ornaments and the layering is perfect. Thanks for the sketches as I am going to try my hand at designing some of them. :)

    • Michelle Price
      November 1, 2016 at 9:46 am (1 year ago)

      Thanks Heather! Have fun creating!


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