Heidi Swapp Lucky Mama

Random Story: My grandma had an octagon shaped wood coffee table. The door had one handle that pulled several sides open at once. You pulled on the handle thinking you’d open just the front door, but instead the whole thing slid open. But it wasn’t the cool table that my brother and I were interested in. We knew that inside that coffee table was my grandma’s candy stash. We found it one time on accident tucked into her cross stitch patterns. Because we knew it existed, but she didn’t know we knew, it seemed off limits. We never asked for any because we didn’t want her to think we were snooping, but my brother and I would dare each other to look and see what was in there every time we went. We’d wait until the adults were in a different room, and then we’d try and bribe each other to look. We’d tease each other, threaten, and laugh. My best trick was to wait until my brother had his hand on the handle then I’d yell “mom” and he’d panic and jump away from it. We’d laugh our heads off and then start the bribes all over again.Heidi Swapp Lucky Mama

A few times we even took a piece and swallowed it nearly whole to hide the evidence quickly. It’s such a silly thing, and I’m sure had we asked, my grandma would have given every last bit of it to us, but it’s a happy childhood memory. It’s one of those things that just sticks with you and comes back to you randomly when you walk past Red Vines in the store. And it’s a family memory only my brother and I have. (So don’t tell my mom, k)

I wish my kids a childhood of silly memories like these with each other. These pictures remind me of that story as they share a joke that only they know. They fight so much, but I hope they remember these moments of giggling together too and that they grow up friends who stay close and can count on each other for anything.

Thanks for putting up with my rambling story!

What silly childhood story can inspire your next layout?



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