Halloween Candy Kabob Cupcakes

My Halloween party is over for another year and even though I have a giant mess to clean up, I’m so excited to do it again next year. This week I’ll share a few of the details from the party, then I promise I’ll be done talking about Halloween. So bear with me for a few more posts.

One of the fun additions to this year’s party was candy kabob cupcakes. These make a big statement on a Halloween table and are easy to make.

Halloween Candy Kabob Cupcakes

I started by using my Pazzles Vue to cut out some Spooky Banners from my Etsy shop.  I used a glue dot to attach them to a 6 inch Bamboo Skewer. These are a bit longer than a toothpick so it gives you room to really stack the candy.

Halloween Candy Kabob Cupcakes

Next I pushed candy onto the skewer. While I was at the store I specifically looked for skewereable (?) candy. Once your stack is complete, stick it in the cupcake and watch your kids eyes light up. I tried a few different combinations and it seems that about 4 pieces of candy is just the right amount to still stand upright well. If you get much more than that, the skewer gets top heavy and wants to tip over.

Halloween cupcakes

Bam-It’s a double whammy of sugar that is sure to tempt anyone.

Orange Fanta Cupcakes

My cupcakes this year were these Orange Fanta Cupcakes from the Recipes, Food & Cooking Blog. They were super yummy and perfectly orange. Before I started my search for these cupcakes, I had this super brilliant idea to add pop rocks as sprinkles for my cupcakes. They seemed like a good “witchy” addition that would surprise my guests when they started popping. It turns out it was not an original idea. I’d heard about Fanta cupcakes and I did a search and found the cupcakes with the fun addition of pop rocks as sprinkles. Ha! I guess its hard to have an original thought these days. But its a good idea that you should try if you’d like. Just wait until the last minute to sprinkle the pop rocks on the cupcakes.

So that turned into quite a long post about cupcakes, but really, I could talk about cupcakes all day!


Spooky Sayings Halloween SVG Cutting Files
Spooky Sayings SVG Cutting Files

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  1. Joanna
    October 27, 2015 at 9:18 am (2 years ago)

    Love how you have decorated your cupcake using the candy and skewer. I am sure they were a huge hit with the kids and spooky banners are a perfect addition.
    My Blog : ilove2cutpaper


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