I have so much fun making little themed party paper sets. I like coming up with all the little pieces and making shaped party favors to go with the set. I created this football themed party set for Pazzles last week. You can see all of the details and purchase it here.

Football Party Paper Set. SVG cutting files available for this cute football themed party idea.

Usually when I make up a party set it’s for a party actually happening at my house, but I’ll admit, this one I had to fake. There were no football parties happening here last week, although I’m saving all of the parts for Dylan’s birthday later this year.

Football Paper Party Set. SVG Cutting files available for this footbal themed party idea.

Here’s a fun idea to incorporate if you are actually having a football party and not just faking it like I did. I purchased a green tablecloth and cut strips of white paper to attach to the edges of the table to look like a football field. Put opposing colored helmet cupcake pics into cupcakes and position them on the field as if they are in the middle of the game. You can even add cheerleaders or fans on the sidelines.

Football Themed Party Set. SVG Cut files for this football thened party idea.

And those cupcakes! I went into my local Walmart and custom ordered them. I just explained that I wanted grass cupcakes. They turned out so cute and really made the football theme of the party shine.



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