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It’s been a long week ladies and gentleman (or not gentleman. Are you out there? Say hi if you are a gentleman reader!) It’s been a long week. My husband has been out of town all week which means I’ve been flying home from work, helping with homework and then beginning our spend the night driving back and forth across town routine. Every night was scheduled into 15 minute intervals. It was a little crazy to do it all without a little help!

There’s also the sleep in mom’s bed since dad is gone routine which is fun for the kids and super fun for me. Nothing better than a super cuddler who never moves more than 2 inches from your side the entire night. My son literally put several of his fingers in my mouth by pure coincidence in the middle of the night. That’s right! A few fingers in my mouth while I’m dead asleep. Try it! It’s an intense fear kind of like a roller coaster ride to suddenly wake up with fingers in your mouth.

My point is, there was absolutely no creating happening this week. But I find I really need a little time each week to make things. As cliché as it sounds, it does feed my soul and I get crazy when I go too long without making something (and dinner doesn’t count). I’m finding I may need to schedule creative time in, so that it will happen. I think I have a plan, and I’m hoping it will work out. Do you find you have to schedule in creative time to keep your work/fun balance in check?

I’ll be back next week to share something crafty (hopefully).


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