I have 5 pairs of scissors on my craft desk and a special little cup to hold them in. The thing  is, the cup is empty and the scissors are MIA. They’ve slowly disappeared until the cup sits empty. Even my fabric scissors that are marked with washi tape and a note of warning to whoever touches them. Gone without a trace.  In my supplies I also have expensive markers with smashed tips and 2 yard cuts of fabric with small circles cut out of the very center. Clearly my kids don’t understand the crafting rules.

When I see happy pictures of mothers crafting with their children, it makes me cringe. When I do get time to sit down and make I want to enjoy it, not go into mama bear mode about my supplies. I share everything in my life with my kids, so I guess I want just this one area of my life to myself.  I’m a selfish crafter I guess!

Crafting with Kids : Butterfly Garland

But I love seeing my kids be creative, so I grin and bear it. If we start with a project in mind and work on it together it usually results in happy times and some cool projects.  My daughter had some friends over this week and they wanted to craft, so we made butterfly banners. I cut out about 100 butterflies using the Miss Kate Cuttables Butterfly Silhouette. I set out watercolors, crayons, markers and sequins and let them go to town. I was totally impressed with their creativity and the beautiful ideas they came up with.Crafting with Kids: Butterfly Garland


It turns out water colors and butterflies are a beautiful combination.

Crafting with Kids: Butterfly Garland

They used the watercolors to make a splatter paint design.

Crafting with Kids: Butterfly Garden

My daughter colored with a white crayon and then water colored over it for a resist look.

Crafting with Kids: Butterfly Garland

And another with the white crayon resist technique.

Crafting with Kids: Butterfly Garland

A fun beautiful project. The girls had fun, I had fun, and no craft supplies were harmed in the making.




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