Craft Fail

Sometimes I come up with fabulous projects in my head. While I’m designing and creating these fabulous projects (all in my mind) I give myself the same skill set as Martha Stewart. These project are amazing. Until I actually make them and they look exactly like the Kindergarten Art projects my daughter used to bring home.

Craft Fail

Apparently this is a problem shared worldwide. I received a copy of Craft Fail: When Handmade Goes Horribly Wrong by Heather Mann and the farther I got into the book, the better I felt about my ridiculous attempts at Pinterest greatness. I loved this little book. It made my night to see this canvas still smoking. Now that is funny! And it’s probably the same result I would have ended up with.

Craft Faill

This was another of my favorites, Marbled Nails. The comments are classic! “…when I tried dropping my second color of polish on top of the water, it looked like a blood clot on top of a wet plastic sack.” My daughter and I were laughing out loud about this one.

It just so happens a few weeks ago I was lying in bed thinking about Gesso. I know, I know. Yes I think about this obsession of mine day and night. I had this idea to mix gesso with Kool-aid to make scented fluffy Gesso. Remember when we used to mix Kool-aid and embossing powder to  make scented images. It was a brilliant idea and I poured the watermelon Kool-aid onto the Gesso and started to mix.

When Handmade Goes Horribly Wrong

I quickly saw there was a problem as the Gesso and Kool-aid it turned into thick grainy gesso dough. Total fail!

I loved this little book! It would make a perfect little Christmas gift for the crafter in your life. It’s so funny because it’s so true. Check out the Craft Fail website for more funny fails and go purchase a copy of Craft Fails: When handmade Goes Horribly Wrong!

Tell me your best Craft Fail. I’d love to hear them!


p.s. I received a copy of this book for review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

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