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I’m excited to announce that I’m now selling SVG cut files through Snap. Click. Supply. My store launched last month and I’ll be steadily adding products to it.

Today I wanted to share a cute Book Nerd Party Set I created. We used this fun set for my daughters 12th birthday and it’s the perfect birthday party idea for a tween. It’s grown up enough to be cool, but silly enough to be fun. This entire party set is available at Snap Click and through my Etsy store. It includes all of the printables and SVG cut files you see here.

Book Nerd Party Invitations

We sent out these cute invites. The inside is printable so it makes it easy to put these together quickly. I tucked a set of paper glasses onto each invitation as well.

The night of the party the girls arrived and played a few games. The candy bar game went on for quite some time and got really heated. Apparently 12 year old girls all want Bubble Yum! We also played “I’ve never” book style. The girls sat in a circle and I named off popular books. If they had never read it they had to move one seat to the left and sit on someone’s lap. At one point there was a 5 girl stack up.

Book Nerd Mad Libs

When it was time for presents we played the Birthday Fill-In game. It works like Mad Libs. Each girl was given a fill-in the blank card without seeing the story. They filled in nouns and adjectives and then presented their present to my daughter and read their silly story. This part of the night was so fun and it really slowed down the gift process so each gift could be appreciated.

Book Nerd Party Hunger Games Cupcakes

For refreshments we had book themed treats. The “Capital Cupcakes” were just bright colored glittery cupcakes from Walmart (which they devoured in a second before I could take a picture).

Harry Potter Butterbeer

We also had Harry Potter Butterbeer. I followed this recipe and be warned-It is sweet! I took one swig and could literally feel the sugar zinging through my veins! We also had popcorn and pretzels to balance out the sweet.

Book Nerd Book Labels

After the food the girls hung out for a bit and ran around outside in the dark until parents came to pick them up. The Book Nerd Party set includes book shaped boxes to fill with treats and printable book labels you can send home as party favors.

Book Nerd Book Box Party Favor
So there you have it! A super fun tween party idea and I’ve done all the work for you!! You can grab this party set in my Etsy store or through Snap. Click. Supply.

Book Nerd Tween Party Idea

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