Die Cut Card

I was in college when email started to become “the thing”. Mostly I got forwarded jokes from friends and inspirational quotes from my mom. It was like we all weren’t really sure what we were supposed to be using it for, but it was so cool we had to use it. My first internet browsing was $5 for a 1/2 hour at the college computer lab and I didn’t even know what to look for or what to do. Maybe Google existed, but if it did I didn’t know about it.

Twenty years later I cannot believe I once lived that “unconnected”. It’s a world my kids cannot even understand. I love social media for so many reasons and love the way I am able to so easily maintain a relationship with someone far away. I also really love Instagram too! A lot! My 1995 self didn’t even know about endless scrolling. I don’t even know what I did with those extra hours back then! I must have been so bored :)

That being said, I also really love paper!! The death of actual cards and letters from people makes me sad. I found a box of mail from those college years at my mom’s house the other day and it was so fun to re-read those letters. Special cards from my grandma with stories of dumb things my grandpa had done were so precious now that they are both gone. Hand painted envelopes from friends I no longer keep in touch with and letters from overseas with cool stamps and postage marks. It was such a fun treasure to find.

Die Cut card

I’m sharing all these memories to say this: I think we should bring snail mail back. And I think a perfect way to do this is to send thank you notes. Find someone who has done something special for you and send them an actual card or letter that you put in a mailbox with a stamp on it. Let’s do this! Each month I’ll be creating a card to say thank you and then actually mailing it.

Will you join me in spreading a little handmade snail mail gratitude? You can share your creations by linking to your blog in the comments or sharing on social media.

This month I’m sending a thank you card to my parents who have really helped me out the past few months with getting my kids where they need to be when I have somewhere to be at the same time.



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