Free Sketch Pen Doodle Files

I love the Pen Tool on my Pazzles Vue! In my book buying a Pazzles Vue or Silhouette Cameo is worth it just for the pen options! The Vue has a pen holder add-on that can hold so many pens, even Sharpies! The Cameo has a pen holder option and also sets of colored sketch pens you can just pop in the blade holder. It opens a whole new world of craftiness!

Free Sketch Pen Doodle Snowflake Files


Today you can grab these FREE Doodle Pen Snowflakes available in SVG and DXF
Pen Tool Doodle Snowflakes (87 downloads)

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Free Sketch Pen Doodle Snowflakes Cut Files

I created some cards with the snowflakes and a pen tool sentiment on each card using these free doodle pen snowflakes files.

I used the same concept on these cards as I showed in my Pen Tool Detail Feathers post. Essentially I cut out the card fronts and peeled them away from the mat, leaving the negative paper scraps still on the mat.

I used my favorite Reeves watercolors to put watercolor blobs (that’s a technical term, people) where the snowflakes would end up on the card.

Free Sketch Pen Doodle Snowflakes

After they dried, I carefully placed them back into the negative spaces on the mat referring to the mat on my screen to get them placed correctly. I then used my Pen Tool to draw the snow flakes and sentiments onto the cards. I added a few gems and pearls to make these sparkly and then mounted them on cardstock.

Super easy cards, but super pretty! Enjoy the freebies!



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