Butterfly Cut Files and watercolor tags

When my kids were littler we gave my daughter a Butterfly Garden for Christmas. It came with a postcard you sent in to get your butterfly larvae. She was so excited and we filled out the postcard right that second. And then I promptly lost it. She checked the mailbox every day for those dang butterflies while I frantically searched for the postcard. I small crazed portion of my mind thought maybe I sent it in and just forgot. After a few months of waiting, my mother guilt kicked in and I called them and explained the situation. Just a week later those butterflies showed up. Three months is a long tome to check the mailbox everyday, but that girl never gave up hope. I also found the postcard eventually.

Butterfly Cut Files and Watercolor Tags

Once the butterflies developed we set them free and it was such a cool experience. They sat on her fingers for a few minutes before flying away and that little girl was so thrilled. It made all the waiting worth it.

Butterfly Cut FIles

These little butterfly tags were made with my latest cut files: Painted Butterflies. They look so pretty cut from white and layered on bright watercoloring.

Butterfly Cut Files

But they also look great backed with patterned paper. I created these files a little differently. Each butterfly has individual cut out layers on the back. You can cut certain portions of the butterfly with different patterned papers to get a patchwork butterfly look. Of course you can also just back the entire butterfly with one patterened paper. You’ve got lots of options.

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Painted Butterflies Cut Files

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  1. Joanna
    March 12, 2016 at 3:28 pm (2 years ago)

    Such a beautiful collection of butterflies and cards. I have been trying the watercolour backgrounds too, which are so trendy at the moment


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