Heidi Swapp Project Life

I have a confession. Like most of the known scrapbooking world I’m a little obsessed with Heidi Swapp products. I kinda just buy everything,  just so I have it. Does anyone else buy things just so they have them? My mom buys notepads just so she has them and I’m pretty sure Martha Stewart buys houses just so she has them. This is the justification I will use with my husband. Some people collect houses…I collect pieces of paper. (See how I worked that! Feel free to steal that line.)

My latest purchase included the new Heidi Swapp Project Life cards. I’m not a Project Lifer, but I love to use these little sentiment pieces on cards. They are just too cute!

Heidi Swapp Project Life
You can’t tell in the photo, but that’s a gold foil heart! Love!

Heidi Swapp Project Life

Love the gold foil sentiments in a cool brushstroke.

Heidi Swapp Project Life

Look at that super trendy arrow! Another favorite!

Heidi Swapp Project Life
The sentiment cards are fabulous, but so are the plain background cards. Either way these make great card layers!



Heidi Swapp Sugar Chic patterned paper

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