Vintage Christmas Ornaments Set

Several weeks ago I found treasure at a thrift store. The treasure was in the form of a giant bag of old Christmas ornaments. I don’t know anything about these ornaments but I’ve been slowly collecting them as I see them. Previous to this I had only about 10. They remind me of some ornaments my great grandma gave me when I was little. I have no idea the history behind these, I just know that I love them.

DIY Snow Globes witth Vintage Ornaments

Some of the ornaments were missing their hanging strings, so I decided to do something else with a few of them and I made some snow globe jars with vintage ornaments . I gathered up some jars and some fake snow and I purchased some mini trees and mini snowballs from Hobby Lobby. How cute are those snowballs!!

DIY Snow Globes with Vintage Ornaments

I loved the snowmen but they still had their strings attached and I was really hesitant to cut them off. I stared at them for a full 5 minutes and asked everyone in my family if I should do it. They all said no, but in the end I just went for it. And I’m glad I did, because they are adorable tucked into the snow.

DIY Snow globes with vintage ornaments
Spending an hour making these made my crafty heart happy. I grouped them on a table in my entry way and they make me smile every time I walk by. So hit up your thrift store and see what ornaments you can rescue. You can always find abandoned Christmas village people as well. Happy Christmas crafting!

DIY Snow Globes with Vintage Ornaments


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