Using Flower Cut Files

It’s all about the flowers when it comes to spring crafts and I’m trying hard to do my part by giving you several options for flower cut files. The latest set is Pretty Petals and I cut out a bunch of flowers in preparation for some Friday night card making. When you purchase these cut files, you get the option to cut them as layered flowers, or use your pen tool or sketch pens to draw the details on. I chose to draw my details and used a white pen to do so.

Using Flower Cut Files

My leaves needed a special touch, so I cut them out of white paper and did a bit of faux dip dying. I used a water brush and some watercolors and painted just the ends of each flower cut out. You can squeeze your water brush at varying levels to get a washed out look or a darker color.

Using Flower Cut Files

Once my flowers and leaves dried, I started making cards. I pulled out a bunch of scraps and small ephemera from my stash and had fun making up a batch of cards.

Using Flower Cut Files

I have no idea where half of the little pieces came from, as it’s been  in my stash forever, but it felt good to use some of it up!

Using Flower Cut Files

Using the same flowers and pieces of the same papers on each card tied these all together.

Using Cut FilesYou can purchase the Pretty Petals Cut Files in my Etsy shop and make your own dip dyed leaves. I think these would be beautiful in bold bright colors as well.

Hoping you got a little crafty time in this weekend as well. I’m not sure why cutting up pretty papers and gluing them down again is so relaxing, but it just is!




Pretty Petals Cut Files


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