Cherish the EverydayI remember the day I took this picture. My son woke up from his nap grumpy and disoriented. I was in the middle of taking pictures of some layouts and turned and snapped a picture of him, mostly because I was trying to cheer him up out of his foul mood. At the time the photo was nothing special and of nothing momentous. No big event, or life milestone.

Now I look at this picture and it’s one I cherish. There are so many things about this picture that just flood my mind with memories and it makes me so happy. I know you won’t have the same flood of joy, because 1) this isn’t your kid and 2) the picture isn’t a beautifully executed shot full of emotion. But trust me it’s awesome! If this was your kid you would remember that he carried that blanket everywhere. I bought a similar one to give him so I could wash the original and then he insisted on having both of them. You’d also remember those chubby hands reaching for stuff on the counter and carrying his stuffed puppy around the house. And those flushed pink cheeks. Every mom can appreciate those nap flushed cheeks.

Cherish The Everday

My point is this. Today, six years later, my son was standing in the kitchen and I had my camera in hand when I had a fleeting thought to snap a picture. But then he moved and the photo op was over and I thought Oh well-I have hundreds of pictures of him doing nothing. But the truth is that I only have maybe 1-2 photos of him doing nothing at this exact age. Someday when he is a man I would cherish today’s picture for the curly headed little boy who always comes home from school with a filthy shirt from recess football, and the freckled nose that surely won’t last. I missed that photo and someday it would be cherished for the everyday moment as well.


My picture taking has slowed significantly in the past few years. I keep waiting for my kids to do something new or funny or exciting and a month goes by with no photos. They are older and don’t have any first egg hunts or first pumpkin carving so I brush off the thought of grabbing my camera. This is my everyday life now, but someday it will be a memory and I’ll wish I had a million photos to remember every little detail. I’d better get busy now, so I have no regrets in another six years when he’s a stinky teenager who won’t smile for me. I’ll probably remember forever the trip to Disneyland or the new skateboard, but I’ll forget his grass stained shirt phase. I’m making an effort to snap a picture every week no matter what so I have our life documented. I hope you’ll join me!

If you need a little motivation and some fun ideas check out this September Photo List from Capture Your 365.


P.S. And yes- I did hunt him down and make him smile for a picture after finishing this post.Cherish The Everyday

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